Everyone is attached to a great and powerful amorphis bundle of energy that burns in the center of our lives.  It’s called family.  It reacts, changes, adapts, forms, straightens and moves.  It can be harsh at times,  warm and comforting others.  It is different for everyone and in it’s own way individual to that person.

Sometimes intriguing new pieces are added.

and the colors change to circle in all directions, creating a new shape in ways that can seem striking and authentically fantastic.

In other times, some forms are lost.

but kept in memory so that their place is still visible,  while the remaining particles rush in to warm and steady the structure.

The familiar energy,  remains, adapts and sustains.

This weekend I saw the result of both, in a quick fashion.

I’d like to warmly congratulate my amazingly talented cousin Ryan, who is, far more a brother, and his beautiful and talented wife, Eileen on their marriage.  It was truly an honor and privilege to be a part of and I wish many many happy years for you both.

And also, I’d like to bid a regretful goodbye to my Grandfather, Paul Hollingsworth.  You led an interesting and full life that I would love to hear more about. Love you and may you rest in peace, sir.

This ones for family.  Have a good Monday everyone.