For anyone who has an interest for boardgames, steer clear of Talisman.  It is a game that takes over 5 hours to play and the journey to victory is harrowing and deadly!  If you REALLY love boardgames, then saddle up, Scooter! because it is awesome.  It’s not so much a contest but a war of attrition.  If you are the last one still playing, still awake, or still alive, then you win by default.  So pickup your miniature minotaur and get to bashing the other players fictional brains in!

If you like dungeons and dragons, but always yearned for a world in which that aesthetic was mixed together with monopoly then this is the game for you.  Play with your family.  Hate each other for a couple hours, and have fun.

Also DO NOT land on the jester card.  That sumbitch ruins everything.