Only 95 strips into this project and I’m having more fun with each comic.  Readership so far is modest, but it’s supposed to be this early on.  I’m still working out the bugs and trying to mold this thing into a story, that is told in the most effective way I know how.

Which is why I’ve decided to start doing the strip in color.  I originally wanted to give this a science-retro feel,  but I think in order to introduce some ideas I have in the future, I’ll need color to do it.  It’s a risk for me, because my comfort area has always been black and white.  I had great teachers in art school that never pushed but always suggested that color wouldn’t kill me, despite my horrible unfounded nightmares.  Thanks to Jenn Benn, Jim Roldan, and Doug Cellineri.

Had a very strong day last week, where page views went into the thousands.  The next day it was 300 the next back to 100.  This tells me a few things.  I had a lucky break of people linking one strip and that my work was not strong enough to keep them coming back for the next one.  This was both exciting and a wake up call.  The next time I’m fortunate enough to get some interest I wont drop the ball.  I’m going to re-double my effort into the art of this strip and set aside writing time that isn’t just me in the shower in the  morning.  This comic is important to me and I want to share it the right way.

Have a great Wednesday, I promise the best is yet to come.