Now I normally hate,hate, hate it when a character in a tv show or comic breaks the 4th wall and winks at the viewer.  This nearly killed Deadpool comics for me.  It’s a very easy and malevolent way to quickly connect with the viewer, and sometimes I don’t want to talk to Zack Morris or the cast of Digimon.

However House of Cards is a different animal entirely.  First of all, this is a show that I have no business liking in the first place.  I’ve never been a huge fan of political intrique(that’s the part we fast forward through in gundam wing so we can see giant robot fights).  But I love this show.

And Kevin Spacey will from time to time.  Speak to the audience.  However it’s done in such a charming way, that it’s unsettling at first.  Where I think this show succeeds is that you feel like your actually in on the action.  Spacey’s Frank Underwood confides in you like he would a best friend or a perhaps a trusted protege, and sometime it’s as simple as giving you a sidelong “Get a load of this guy.” glance when some blowhard is talking.  Magical.

If you want to binge watch two seasons of a highly entertaining show and feel like you’ve hung out with non Lex Luthor,  Kevin Spacey all day – dig in to some House of Cards if you are one of the few like me, who hadn’t already.